Thursday, September 29, 2016


My poor little patio tomato,
which I have kept alive for 3 years now,
was decimated recently by the dreaded tomato worm.
He ate practically the entire plant,
which made him stretch out to ginormous proportions as you can see below.
But I coaxed him onto a twig and threw him into the street
 to hopefully be splattered into a big green mess.
And then I turned around and saw a second one on the tomato growing along the patio railing.
Where do these critters come from??
Avanthi Dev,
This one wasn't even waiting for the tomato to ripen up,
I have never seen any as full and swollen as these two.
What a revolting development!


  1. Why/how is it I've never before considered what they become ???

  2. Oh my goodness this makes me so mad! I hate caterpillars! I hope theyre all gone now but 3 years is a good run

  3. I am soooooo sorry. I cannot stand anything with more than four legs!

  4. Hawk moth or sometimes called Hummingbird moth
    a pollenater supreme

  5. not that i love them. All growing season i watch closely for the tell tale
    sign of their presence...somewhere on the plant, a STUMP....leaves gone.
    So sit and look, sure enough. They are such masters of camouflage...close
    to impossible to see when their little. I pick them off and fling over the
    fence into the horse pasture.
    But sometimes, they go undetected like yours have and we just can
    write it off as a kind of sharing.