Wednesday, September 7, 2016


This last school year I had the pleasure of working once again with junior Annie Oh.
I had Annie in the 7th Grade Art Wheel
 and also in the 8th grade for the Beginning 2-D art class,
& then this last year in Ceramics I.
She was a stand-out in all the classes for her sophisticated skills, designs and sculptures.
Sadly for me,
 she had a choice this year between art (me) and Student Council.
Student Council won out.
She told me she wanted to give back to the school as a senior.
 I gotta respect that.
what a kid!
So anyways,
 last year she told me she has been taking outside art lessons at a local academy,
and I was curious about what she was creating.
This was one of many pieces she brought in to share with me.
I loved it from the moment I laid eyes on it,;
her asymmetrical design,
 her color choices, 
the sense of movement that kept my eye engaged,
the magical subject matter.
It was the whole package.
But what truly impressed me was the way she mixed her media.
From watercolor to colored pencil,
 pen& ink to acrylics,
This piece packs such a powerful punch that I just had to share it and her.

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