Wednesday, September 14, 2016


white glue on black construction paper & oil pastel

Once again, 
the Beginners drew their partners from real time,
but they were told to exaggerate & distort their features,
but not so much that we couldn't recognize who they were drawing.
The easiest way to do this was to give them an Elmer's glue bottle as a pencil on black paper.
That's right,
to draw with the nozzle.
They first experimented with both Tacky & Elmer's glues to see which one they liked best.
They were also asked to fill up the negative space to balance the piece,
and to use oil pastels to fill in between the gluelines after they dried.
The results were terrific as you will see.
And done just in time to show off at Open House.
Let's take a look.

Sophomore Mikaela  (Mikey) Guerrero drew senior Nandan Vinjamery.
We all loved what she also did with the backdrop.
Brilliant work Mikey,
and we miss you already.
Mikey graduated 2 years early from Whitney and has started college this year.
She is not only an incredible artist but an amazing scholar as well.
And she plays the Violin beautifully on top of everything else!
Superstar status.

Sorry Mikaela
 when you dropped by recently,
 I didn't have time to chat.
Please try again when you are back in town.
Hopefully I won't be so crazy busy.  :)

Sophomore Kevin Mao had lovely senior Emily Allan as his subject,
and below sophomore Clarissa Kim drew cutie pie junior Eunice Shim.

Then Eunice had the pleasure of working with senior Jae Olan,
handsome boy....
It's so much fun to see how each of these young artists portray their subject.
Right Eunice? 

Junior Jazzerie Lo drew this really exciting portrait of senior Sriram Velmanikandan,
and below junior Malaya Sithichai worked with the long haired Thomas Kang.
Love how she morphed his body into a tree with landscape.
Clever girl!

Then here is Emily's fun & expressive portrait of Kev.
Love it Em!

And what a cool design junior Vicky Hur chose for senior Kyung Lee.
I especially love the backdrop.
She penciled right over the oil pastel for a very cool look.
I also like how she chose to elongate his neck.
Great work Vicky!

Here senior Eileen Lee drew senior Andrew Kim,
giving us a clue that perhaps Andrew has two different sides to himself.
You made us stop and take a good look see.
Plus she also changed up her style
which draws our eye right away.

Lastly senior Nandan Vinjamury did an incredible job giving us an interesting view of Mikaela.
He made us think,
 and that's the most important part in a work of art.
Thank you Nandan,
and thank you Beginners for working so very hard last school year,
and making such huge strides in your artistic skills. 

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  1. If this is beginning 2-D, then there's no limit to how far these students can go. They have taken no-erasing to heart (as if there could be any choice with a glue bottle) and truly made the best of it!