Thursday, September 1, 2016


Grandparenthood is new and wonderful for my hubby and I.
Even though he has two other grandchildren (from his son),
we weren't able to be around them in their early years,
so this is a whole new ballgame for the both of us.
And man oh man,
are we IN LOVE.
We try to babysit as often as we can now that they have moved closer to us.

At 19 months Syd is absolutely fascinated by cars, trucks, motorcycles & planes.
And he especially loves Pop Pop's Mustang.
I'm thinking we will probably give it to Syd when he gets his driver's license.
He already knows what all the buttons do,
and if we let him,
 could spend hours sitting, 
clapping & laughing with such joy,
that Jim & I are laughing our heads off.
He is so entertaining,
so easy to love.

Now that I look back,
I rarely got to spend this kind of fun, quality time with my own children 
which makes me so very sad.
No wonder everyone says how great being a grandparent is.

Nighttime is a ritual that Syd looks forward to.
Drinking his milk,
(having graduated to a sippy cup)
getting his bath (although he doesn't like getting his head wet),
then running thru the house naked so we chase him and play hide & seek.
Squeals of joy with lots of teasing & tickling
Oh such fun!
Then the most important part of the ritual,
picking just the right book.
He makes sure he has his "Dog" in tow,
and walks over to his bookshelf,
scans it carefully,
then finally chooses just the perfect book.
He chose his Pop Pop to read to him first.
He is so focused,
so fascinated,
so mature.
I'm sure he will be an early reader.
A reader for life like both his mom & dad.
And then the best part,
he chose a second book for me to read to him.
There is nothing better then the smell of baby,
all fresh & clean from the bath.
He has learned how to kiss,
so he gave both Pop Pop & I a very serious, 
thoughtful good-nite kiss,
with a funny little look of surprise on his face.
This kid has a million expressive looks.

Then up I lifted him to his cozy crib with all his blankie,
poopie (pillow)
& other favorite stuffed toys.
He sighs, 
 and snuggles into his favorite blanket that his Aunt Carrie crocheted for him before he was born.
Then I turn out the lights,
tiptoe thru the door pulling it shut a bit behind me
and listen closely as he makes baby talk to his critters,
finally closing his eyes and falling asleep.
Just like that!!
No muss, no fuss.
This is the perfect baby,
and mommy & daddy have done one hell of a job getting him into this bedtime routine.
Bravo you two!
Because I remember many a night crawling out of my son's bedroom on my hands and knees
 so he couldn't see me or hear me.
And then my knee would crack 
and up would pop Zach's head and the soothing would have to begin anew.
great memories to last a lifetime and chuckle over.

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  1. I'm reading this having just put our grandsons to bed. The wonderful tradition of reading stories followed by singing James Taylor's "Close your eyes" ... which we sang to their mom when she was little. Nothing better.