Friday, September 23, 2016


tye dye cloths, cotton batting, perle cottons, paper & embellishments

I'm finally getting around to posting these incredibly crafted works of art.
I realize now that I should have taken some close ups so you could see the attention to detail.
These children sewed,
 and beaded/embellished their hearts out,
pouring all their love into these fabric books.

note:  I lost the paper that has all your names on it over the summer,
so if I mis-label a work ,please let me know

Let's start with senior Eileen Wang.
During the first quarter of school the kids went thru a Tye-Dye unit
 to learn to make complex dyed marks on cloth.
Then during 3rd Quarter after having learned sewing and embroidery techniques,
we brought the pieces of dyed cloth back out to applique & embellish,
then turn into a journal.

The kids really got into designing their covers,
as did English teacher Deliana Park.
Deliana spent at least a 100 hours stitching her brains out on this delightful book. 

And then there is junior Helen Park with this adorable piece.
So well planned and executed.

The kids were required to bring in at least one word of text.
8th grader Elliana Lee stitched in a whole saying!

Senior Clarissa Gutierrez fussy cut this cute little fairy to applique onto her front cover.
She also has done some lovely beading and is having fun with those detached chain stitches. 

I so wish this journal by 8th grader Sydney Eng was in better focus.
She worked her behind off embellishing this book. 
Can you see the two bumble bees flying around?

And we end with I'm not sure.
I thought it was Hapshiba but she rang in and said it's not hers
S help me out 8th graders,
taking a guess here,how about 8th grader Iris Lin??

Because I do so much estate and garage sale picking,
 I often come across antique linens and dollies for the students to work with.
 like Sydney above,
 took advantage of some lovely crocheted pieces to incorporate into their journals.

I've been re-evaluating this assignment,
and I saw the kids struggling to start
 because they did't know what to use for subject matter.
And for the past couple of years I have bee so inspired by the ships that 
that I think I might limit their subject this year to ships/boats.
Any thoughts on this?
Although I did just purchase the most wonderful Star from Hazel at her shop.
And check out her lovely moon in the shop.
so hard to know what to do.


  1. Well, because I'd want to have my cake and eat it, too, why not offer ships/boats with an opt-out clause for those who have other ideas. I'd hate to miss seeing a great idea like Sydney's apian hexagons.

  2. The beautiful work you draw out of your creative students inspires me!