Friday, September 2, 2016


My side business,
as a dealer  in junk,
is really taking off.
For the past 3 years I've rented store space in two mountain towns to sell my artwork.
Only the artwork is a little pricy;
I don't want to just give my pieces away unless I'm gifting them,
so to make it profitable and pay the rent,
I sell other people's discards alongside my pieces from garage sales, estate sales,
& my favorite,
the Dump Store up on the mountain.
That's right,
the Dump,
the place people go to throw away their trash from all the mountain towns.
You would not believe the treasures I find there for only pennies.
I fill an entire shopping cart for only $5.00.
Fabulous clothes & shoes,
furniture to turn into shabby chic pieces,
and a lot of valuable antiques.
So this is my latest find,
a pastel by an Estonian artist from the Baltic area of the Ukraine.
Tallin is its capital.
I only wish the artist would have also included their name on the back.
I can see that the artist used black paper to draw on,
something that helps the colors to pop.
It's a competent piece,
something that I felt I couldn't part with just yet.
I love the richness of the colors,
the value changes,
and the perspective leading our eye to the rear of the piece.
my computer wasn't able to correct the glare from the glass when I took the photo.
Because the city of Tallin is old, 
I'm guessing this might have been done on location to capture the old world construction
with the curved arches and thick plastered walls.
A rare & very cool find.
I won't be parting with this for a while.

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  1. When my kids were little, one of their favorite things to do when visiting my folks was go to the dump. The landfill employees kindly provided a place for people to leave stuff that could be reused and it was free for the taking. My mom used to run vintage auctions and many times dump finds were included.

    And yes, like you, some of her finds stayed home ... or were gifted!