Tuesday, September 13, 2016


My baby girl is finally free!
She has had steady boyfriends since she was 15 years old (7 years),
and recently she and her current steady have decided to part ways.
So now she has lots of time to focus on her schooling and career path.
This summer she enrolled herself into Bartending School,
not satisfied with the money she is earning at her current job
 (that she still holds) in the beauty industry.
She passed the Bar Test this month,
and was recently hired at two different venues to serve drinks.
She has also taken on a 4th job,
that of hair model and salesperson for Halo Hair Extensions.
She travels around the country to their Convention shows,
this weekend traveling to Austin,Texas.
Plus she is carrying 15 units this senior year at Cal State Fullerton in Communications. 
So 4 jobs and school.
Man oh man Dan,
I'm so proud of you.
You actually have beaten your dad who had 3 jobs while he was putting himself thru college.
I really feel you are finally on your way to figuring out your life.
So last night she invited me, 
her brother and dad over to practice her Bloody Mary's on.
She warned us that she was going to get us messed up.
Her first try was too heavy on the A1 & Worcester sauces.
The second one was too tomato-ie,
the third had too much pepper,
but the 4th one was just right.
She got really mad at me when I took her pix,
but too bad.
She was just too cute concentrating so hard to get that bloody thing just right.
So did she mess us up?
Not me,
I had to work today  
ha haa

Love you to the Moon and Back Dani-girl!

An aside Dani,
 when I first saw these pix on my phone gallery after I took them,
I noticed that your face is changing again.
I saw your grandmother,
my sweet mommy in you.
It brought tears to my eyes.

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