Thursday, November 19, 2015


After my Beginning 3-Der's did their eco-bundles 
there was much leftover windfall.
So rather then throw it away,
I collected it and pulled out a vintage linen blouse I thrifted.  

Along with the plant material,
there were also a couple of tea bags and coffee grounds to spread around.

I try to reuse string from other bundles,
not only for recycling purposes 
but because there is usually leftover dye stuffs on the string
 that gets transferred to the material.
Below you see a combination of new and reused string.

Here is the blouse right after I unbundled it
 and set the marks with heat from the iron.
It has not been washed yet.
The small area of color above is from the reused string 
along with the color the water turned that I simmered the bundle in.

I loved the delicate marks that were left from the leaves.

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