Monday, November 9, 2015


felt tip markers & watercolor

I am so thrilled to show off the outstanding work
 of my 3rd year Drawing/Painting students,
seniors Jonathan Hsu and Elias Rodriquez.
 I've known and worked with these two young men since 7th grade,
and both of them are planning on going on in the arts in college.
So let's see their first major assignment of the year.

First off is Jonathan with this lovely portrait.
Besides drawing the entire piece using only dots of color,
I asked both boys to use watercolor as an accent 
either alone or under the felt tip markers.
Jonathan began his piece first with the markers 
then laid the watercolor into the dress area
 which gives him a wonderful contrast that catches the eye.
I especially love the stars/dots of white that he put on at the end
over the watercolor dress.

The boys brought in their own photos to work from,
and I really like both their choices.
Soft yet powerful.

In this next masterpiece by senior Elias Rodriquez,
he did the opposite,
 he started with watercolor underneath, 
then brought his pointillism over top,
for a brilliant work.

I have to tell you that I've been working fairly closely with Elias since 7th grade,
encouraging him to continue with his art studies,
giving him his first sketchbook.
And in the years when he couldn't fit me into his schedule,
he would still drop in to show me what he'd been creating 
and there were always words of encouragement.

But recently,
over this last summer,
his style and craftsmanship have come together in such a mature way.
I'm so very proud of how hard he's working 
and what he's producing.
This piece is by far one of his most outstanding works thus far,
 and also one of the most important pieces to come out of Whitney High School.
Bravo Elias!!
I'm so proud of you!!!!!

I wish all of you could see this piece in person,
it stops people in their tracks so they can take a look. 

Right now it's on display in our District Board Room
on Norwalk Blvd. and 166th in Cerritos.
Check it out if you can!!


  1. I am continually blown away by your students' artwork. These are outstanding!

  2. What a joy it must be to work with such native talent over time and see it develop into such strong work. And such different moods evoked by each artist ... one winsome, one haunting, both masterful.

  3. This second piece is truly, without a doubt, a work of art. This student, has a Machiavellian esthetic that has fabricated a fait accompli. This individual is clearly not a hedonist, yet my previous views on art seem infinitesimal when placed next to this grand oeuvre. This Piece has manipulated my perception to give me an experience ever so vivid. The sweat drip off my brow slowly trailed down into the crest of my eyes only to trail it's wait into my iris, sweetly embracing it with the pain of beauty so pleasurable I may just classify as a masocist after this occurrence. This leading only to a tear gently streaming down my face not due to the bitter sting of the salt of my incompetent, unworthy sweat, but due to that of the immense allure radiating from this celestial visual.