Sunday, November 8, 2015


tempera & felt tip marker on paper
with colored pencil accents

Let me introduce my new Drawing, Painting and Design students.
I'm very pleased with the level of skills many of them are coming to me with,
but also really excited to help the others learn more about the arts & techniques.

Junior Eileen Lee is coming to me with some of the highest level skills in the class.
That's needed since she wants to go on and major in the arts
What I really like that she thought to do in this piece 
was to bring in the colored pencil work.
It brings in a nice textual element into her highly sophisticated design.

The kids had the option of putting their color wheel and color schemes
onto two separate papers,
or for extra credit,
combine them into one design on one piece of paper. 
That's what senior Emily Allan did with her simple yet delicate piece above.

I'm really excited by this next work by junior Malaya Sithichai.
It's strikingly unique,
and wonderfully crafted.

And one of my favorite students from years past has returned to the fold,
junior Eunice Shim.
Look at her marvelous piece,
and again,
 I'm loving the colored pencil she also thought to bring into the background.
I think this is going to be a new requirement for this assignment next year. :) 
Thanks you guys for a great idea!

And this work by junior Vivian Chang has such lovely movement flowing thru it.
It makes me want to sway with it  :)

The class favorite was this one by junior Ayesha Durrani.
She has cleverly turned her color wheel and schemes into this remarkable dream catcher.
And notice her impeccable craftsmanship.

Next we see both of senior Rosenne Cho's pieces above and below.
This wonderful fractured rose is housing her color schemes and so much more,
and her rainy autumn day color wheel.

And we end with this highly decorative color wheel by junior Vicky Hur,
in which she has zentangled with colored marker for a very cool effect.

Am I a lucky woman or what to be working with kind of beginning talent?
Life is good,
very, very good!


  1. This is a beginning class?!?! I'm stunned. What talent!

    I'm very impressed with the Native American and Asian vibes in several of the pieces, but it is Rosenne Cho's nine-patch rose that is top shelf. The changes in value and media combined with the "seamed" transitions make this a real stand-out for me.

    1. Thank you so much! That really means a lot to me!

    2. You're very welcome ... your reply means a lot to me, too!

  2. What is the lesson in which the student drew a rose using multiple color schemes? I love it!

  3. Ps, I am a friend of Margi Bell's and she recommended that I check out your site as I just became the art teacher at Thurston Middle School in Laguna Beach. It is also my first year teaching! Any words of advice or killer lessons that are essentially fool proof would be appreciated! If you have an instagram you can follow my classes on @thurstonartsquad. Love all your work!