Wednesday, November 18, 2015


white paper towels & Rit Liquid Dye

To reinforce the Color Theory lessons my beginners learned
 in the Polymer Bead & Button Unit,
I take them thru a Tye-Dye Unit where they get to play more with color.
But before we get to cloth and t-shirts,
we experiment with design & color on white paper towels.
The kids have to turn in 3 samples;
a one color dip,
 a two color dip allowing a bit of overlap, 
and a three color dip w/ overlap.

This first one is a great example of a 3 color dip with overlap
done by senior Clarissa Gutierrez.
You can see evidence of a lot of fan folding going on and binding areas for resist.

This next one is junior Helen Park's monochromatic or one color dip.
I love the precision folding towards the center then the traditional binding  for the resists.

Love the sparkly resists that Helen achieved on her 3 color sample.
So after folding several times she used the ends of wooden clothes pins
to hold it closed to create the resists.

This is a two dipper (blue/purple) by senior Christine Caballes .
You can see her fan folded edge lines 
and it looks like she folded the fan in half and wrapped with string
to get resists.

And check out this next monochromatic piece by 8th grader Malia Pulido.
Looks like many square folds were made first 
and then some clamping with staples.
Oh yes, 
you can use staples which gives a very cool linear effect.

This sampler is also by Malia,
and went into 3 of our colors for a very striking traditional design.

8th grader Iris Lin is also doing a traditional design
 but has included a rusty something that adds additional interest.
This is her two dipper,
love your color choices kiddo!

Carl Estrada,
8th grader,
achieved this very cool diamond pattern with his two dipper.

And this very organic one was one of my personal favorites,
created by 8th grader Charlotte Park.
It feels like fireworks bursting in air.

And loved this gorgeous,
rich and striking design by senior Iris Xu.
Her use of color is amazing!!

And we end with this beauty by 8th grader Eliana Lee.
What interesting colors she has chosen to use,
I would have never thought to use them together,
 but the finished effect is AWESOME!!!

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