Friday, November 27, 2015


felt, perle cottons, beads & buttons

is extremely difficult.
There will be a struggle,
the feeling that you will never "get it",
wanting to quit,
and then finally comes the "aha" moment,
when it becomes EASY.

So much of teaching art involves learning new global skills,
and that's why so many think they aren't artistic because they quit too soon, 
before they get to the "aha" moment.
So let's see what these young ones accomplished 
because I wouldn't let them quit.  :)

Rarely is the work small enough that I can show off the whole bunch,
but these little samplers are pretty small,
and I wanted to show off the variety of results achieved.
And even though they are small there is a lot of content.

They contain evidence of all the stitches they learned:
running stitch, 
back stitch, 
french knots,
chain & detached chain,
the fly & stem stitches,
satin & whip stitches,
beading & button attaching.

You can clearly see all of these below on senior Hapshiba Kwon's piece.
Her's was the class and one of my favorites.
Absolutely delightful design.

Next is senior Jenna Llamas.
I love that she thought to put a headband and necklace
on her young woman,
such a special touch.
And her handwork is quite beautiful.

Check out 8th grader Malia Pulido's work.
She has some of the best craftsmanship in the class,
and is one of the youngest.
And what a great design!

 I felt that senior Jordin Toney created one of the most interesting compositions
using ball gowns as her subject.

And how cute and sweet is this one by  8th grader Iris Lin.

Another 8th grader,
Elliana Lee,
created this adorable design above.

I really feel a sense of movement in this next one by Cheryl-Mae.
Placing elements on the diagonal is a powerful tool in design.

Now we come to Whitney High School English Teacher Deliana Park, 
who during her free conference period,
is taking the class with the kids.
She enjoyed learning to stitch so much that she created two works.
And not only the fronts but she wanted to cover the messy knots on the backside,
so she finished off the backs as well.
That earned her a lot of extra credit.

This is Deliana's second class with me.  
Several years ago she took my Beginning 2-D class 
and learned to draw, paint and design.
Both the students and I are enjoying her tremendously.
She adds so much fun and playfulness to the class.

Small but mighty,
that's what all of these pieces are.


  1. Oh, you know how much I love these! They look to be ATC size, but I needn't have worried as I tried to enlarge the first pic to see more ... the close-up shots showed me what I wanted to see!!

    No favorites here ... just the observation that once you learn these basic stitches, you can create virtually anything in cloth. I only wish I had figured out sooner how to rescue clothing with decorative stitch. I still remember my favorites from high school and wish I had held on to them!

    P.S. Need I even say how much I envy Deliana?

  2. Replies
    1. Hey Sue, Happy Holidays to you. So glad you like them. Wish you could have seen how hard they worked on them :) This is a wonderful bunch of kids

  3. I'm so glad you enjoyed them, just wait till you see their eco-dyed banners :) and it's such a joy having Deliana in the class, she is hysterical and adds so much great energy.