Thursday, September 3, 2015


I offer up EXTRA CREDIT a lot,
but many times the kids don't take advantage of it.
Go figure.

On the first night of school,
 here on the blog,
I challenged the kids the next day
to find all 16 of the ceramics items on display in Josh's succulent garden.
Even though every student was required to go on my blog as homework that first night,
only a few bothered to actually read the post of welcome.
I found those that did in the garden the next day drawing away.
They were required to draw a quick sketch of all the clay pieces they could find
either before school,
 at snack or lunch.
Out of 150 children,
 7 kids took advantage of this opportunity  :(
Oh well.

Here are senior Charity Lizardo from Beginning 3-D
 art and junior Mikaela Guerrero from Beginning 2-D art
so engrossed in their sketching they didn't even bother to look up for the camera.

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  1. Oh no! Don't they realize they will miss the scintillating commentary, too?

    Now there's a word worth looking up ;)