Friday, September 18, 2015

thrift store finds

Senior Laarnie Barcelon  is at it again,
creating something wonderful with old cast offs.

Her thrift store finds include:
multi-layered short white cotton skirt,

polyester blouse,

my favorite,
this vintage white cotton slip with hand and machine embroidery.

an old cotton night dress,

and a wonderful pair of black leather heels.

The assignment was to deconstruct the old clothes,
 and reassemble them with each other to make a pleasing garment that actually fit.
And to dye, embellish by hand and machine, 
and to make accessory pieces to compliment the outfit.
I wish Laarnie was here to write up what exactly she did.

She was also able to dig around in my donation bin
 and add additional fabrics to the mix.

Her accessories where earrings that she made from different pieces of found jewelry.
I find it very cool that the earrings are completely different 
yet both work together as a set with the outfit.

Congrats Laarnie on a job well done.