Wednesday, September 16, 2015


photo sensitive cloth, perle cottons, beads

This assignment is a class favorite and wraps up the year for my 3-D beginners.
They were a terrific group with positive attitudes and hard work ethics.
They bought joy and happiness everyday when they came in.

Each child got an 8" by 8" square of photo sensitive fabric.
We used my kiln room as a dark room and 
they laid out a variety of goodies on top of their fabrics.
Anything that might block the sun.
Then outside we went to try and get as much sun as we could.
it was overcast that whole week,
so we just stayed outside an additional 5 mins.

The results were extremely pleasing to the eye,
especially if the student planned out their design ahead of time
(which most of them did)
like this lovely one by junior Antoniette Jabat.
She used several resists:
jewelry, washers,buttons,paper cut outs and lace.
And then her backside is as wonderful as her front.

Next up we have sophomore Shreya Seth.
I liked many things about this one
 but mostly that it was so different in design from everyone else.
I especially love the pop of red against that wonderful indigo blue.
Shreya used photographs on clear plastic to get her resists.

Windfall works really well in this assignment.
The movement junior Liana Chie has created with diagonals is very pleasing.
and I adore all those little french knots she sprinkled around with the perle cotton.

Senior Sunny Kim went all out on her pillow,
even making her own tassels!

And junior Sara Chea got a really cool effect
 with her paper snowflake resist cut from card stock.
I'm pretty sure she lifted the paper off 
while she was standing in line waiting to rinse the photographic solution off.
This caused a bit of light to go where her resist was for a few minutes,
causing a very atmospheric effect.
A very pretty piece.

And anything that is solid and heavy work great as resists
like these items from the hardware store for a very masculine design by
junior Chirag Bisht.

I'm loving the added seed beads which give a splash of color,
and I also think it's clever how sophomore Amy Wang
 whip stitched on additional pieces of printed fabric, 

And last but never least,
is junior William Kim.
I get a real outer space feel from his design.
He told me he used lace pieces for his resists in either corner.

Great work all of you!
This was their 4th quarter final.

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  1. As a fan of dyeing with odd shaped tools to get rust marks, I was drawn to Chirag's design. But I couldn't help wonder what would happen if one rotated a design like Sara's snowflake during the exposure ... the effect she achieved (intentionally or not) is a delight to the eye. And kudos to Shreya for using photos on plastic as a resist ... which made much more sense than my initial impression that she must have cut photo images out by hand.