Monday, September 28, 2015


clay, glazes, oxides & plants

With silver bells and cockle shells all in a row.
I think that's how that nursery rhythm used to go.  :)

 we've got rows of planters,
 that's for sure.
In fact,
 the row was so long it had to wrap around the corner.

The young ones worked to a nature theme,
thumping and dragging their clay slabs for added interest and organic purposes.
This project was their 4th Quarter Final,
and on the day we met I brought in soil and plants for them to choose from
after their planters had come out of the glaze firing.
The results were noteworthy as you will see.

This first one belongs to senior Laarnie Barcelon,
and I believe she brought in ceramic watercolors pigments
 as well as nail polish to give it a sparkly appearance.

I'm going to have to take a guess at this one.
I have three.
They are either seniors Ankita Batra or Eduardo Jacinto,
or possibly junior Jamie Kim.
Let me know you guys!!

Senior Payal Morari created this amazing work of art above,
combining all the glaze applications she learned this year.

And seniors Nikita Govind and Poonam Bhakta made these two lovelies,
giving them a red iron oxide stained finish.

This very pretty planter above was done by junior Eryn Burnett,
and below we have the work of super star 8th grader Claire Chung. 

All my 8th graders were delightful this year,
working their hardest to create pleasing pieces like Julia Ruiz and Chloe Chang.

And this last one was a traffic stopper by junior Christina Hur.

Way to end the year Ceramics I,
it was such a pleasure to teach you the art & craft of clay.

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  1. I have several ceramic planters made with slabs rolled onto textiles for texture ... I love them (and paid a pretty penny to own them). Poonam's piece in particular has the feel of cloth, with edges you could almost believe to be soft to the touch.