Monday, September 21, 2015


mixed media

As we reach the end of the school year,
I require my 2nd year kids to end with a Self Portrait.
The medium is up to them,
I recommend the one they are the most comfortable in
(this is not the time to try something new).
They are also allowed to mix their mediums if they want to.

So let's start with the junior Master,
Elias Rodriquez.
He began this very important piece in watercolor
 and bought in an ink wash that created a great border treatment,
for an eerie atmospheric quality.
And my eye is caught on his expression and trying to figure out what it all means.
Really thought provoking piece!

Next is senior Master Nathan Chong.
I feel he's really managed to project attitude in his portrait 
through the use of both watercolor and graphite,
for a very dramatic piece.

And lastly we end with senior Master Michael Cantu.
Michael is known for his landscapes that he tries to incorporate into all his works.
He has perhaps given us his best yet here in this portrait.
And he has so nailed his face.
Super realistic,
something very difficult to do in watercolor.

All these boys are Masters in my eyes,
and I can't wait to see where their skills will take them.
It has been a pleasure to share them and their work with all of you this year!

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