Saturday, September 5, 2015


Here is a before and after of the back of our little cabin.
Jim started off by building out a desk from used wood pallets.
Very green of him  :)
On the right he built steps up into the build-up door.
I asked him to put up white lattice across the deck to match what was already on the balcony
which ties it  all together.
What you can't see below the lattice is a walk-way I built up with lumber and pea gravel.
And beyond that I finished it off with a border of logs that my neighbor let me use.
On top of the deck 
I added my son's Japanese Maples that I'm holding for him until he gets his own house,
Our latest additional is a set of Adirondack chairs 
we just purchased from one of the local merchants.
Jim also added a fire pit for roasting marshmallows with our grand babies.

These were the side stairs above, 
when we first moved in.
But after the first year of weather they started to erode.
I came in with my trusty pea gravel and filled them in.
I also lined both sides of the stairs with logs,
and planted more Vinca ground cover close to the house
for a more finished appearance.
If you look close you can see it below.
Jim used concrete blocks to build up this area for me so I could have a raised bed garden.
Last month I filled in the area above with lots of rich garden soil
 and planted another of my son's maples.
It was not doing well down below in the heat,
 but it's beginning to produce delicate red leaves again.
Around the maple I planted several Amaryllis bulbs
 and one has already come up and bloomed.
Oh yeah!

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  1. There is such deep satisfaction that comes from work like this ... you must love sitting outside!