Wednesday, September 2, 2015


I like surprises.
So I had a special one planned for my new Intermediate 3-D kids.
Over the summer I wanted to try eco-dyeing a Queen sized sheet for the mountain cabin bed.
So this big eco-dyed bundle brewed all summer long in the hot sun,
and my kiddos and I opened it on the first day back.

It was a treat for me watching them get down 
and inspect all the subtle nuances the sheet
took on from the windfall.
You can see seniors Hazel Cruz and Antoniette Jabat taking a very close look-see.

I will show off the entire process in a couple of days and give you a close-up of the results.
I was super happy with how it turned out.

If you are wondering why the kids are wearing crowns and caution tape,
it's a longstanding tradition at Whitney that on that first day of their senior year,
the kids are crowned as they walk thru the gates.
It's really festive with balloons,
 streamers and music.
Our seniors are so proud to show off that they've made it thru 6 grueling years
at the #1 High School in California,
and the #6th in the nation.
The numbers were just published recently.
Congrats Whitney High!!!

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  1. Such wonderfully talented kids (and let's not forget their inspirational teacher)! I love the tradition of crowning seniors and having taught seniors, I appreciate the caution tape! :) Look out world, here they come.