Monday, March 23, 2015


silk scarf blanks, vintage & new cottons, glass jars, windfall, rusty objects, copper pennies & pipes

India Flint published a new book this last summer sharing more of her Eco-printing tips so I thought I'd give it a whirl with my 3-D girls,
just for fun.
The results were really interesting but I felt like we didn't quite do something right to get the results India shows off in her book.
But we were still pleased  :)

After bundling the fabrics and with various windfall and metals,
we steamed them,
 then set them outside for a couple of months to do their thing.
Here are the results below.

Senior Daphne Chiang bundled a vintage silk blouse and her silk scarf blank
for very pretty results.
Notice the hint of red she got in her scarf?
Very cool!
And I love the patterning that resulted on her blouse.

 Senior Bianca Tolentino achieved some very rich dark greens in her pieces.
She is working with a piece of vintage linen tablecloth, her silk blank and misc. pieces of cotton.
Lovely marks!

And Senior Kaili Hamada worked with a vintage embroidered hankie,
and her silk scarf blank.
Love the blues that came up.
My guess is that Kaili  (who loves Rit dyes)
may have dipped her scarf into a turquoise bath first before bundling.
Clever girl  :)

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