Monday, March 9, 2015

Junior Elias his own words


I usually don't talk about myself so all I'll say about myself is that my name is Elias Rodriguez,
 and I'm currently a junior at Whitney High School. 
and I almost forgot,
 I'm a morbid person .
 ( just to set the mood for the rest of this post)

(Flower Sleeve done on my arm with ink pens)

Many people ask me how I come up with the extraordinary ideas that I incorporate in my art. 
The truth is,
 the only thing that gives me ideas for my art is my life. 
Most artists are inspired by their past,
 future aspirations, 
and their current emotions. 
These all play a major part in their artwork. 
(3/4 Watercolor Portrait)

I would say that music plays a major role in my artwork because it does, 
but if I said so,
 it would be repetitive because music is more of an enhancer. 
Music enhances the inspirations by helping an artist come up with memories or dreams faster. 
Music also usually triggers strong emotions. 
Emotion brings right brain but only certain emotions. 
It's hard to explain. 
Right brain is more like emotion in your soul more than it is in your actual brain or heart. 
Emotion from the brain or heart is a distraction during art.

(Corner of Room Perspective Drawing)

People ask me what right brain is to me. 
To me it's more of a natural high.
 It's like a personalized escape.
 Many people have the gift of having a very strong right brain but I've known very few people who have experienced what I've experienced.
 My life does not rely on art nor does it revolve around art or anything of the sort, 
but right brain is continuous in my life.
 In other words it doesn't just occur while I'm doing art.
 Of course this interferes with my other daily duties especially school.
(Tempera Preliminary)

Right brain and art gives me views in the world that many do not have. 
This is something that I saw as a curse at first because when you're at a younger age, 
all you want to do is fit in,
 but I've come to realize over the years that I don't care what other people think. 
I'm not trying to sound like that cliche person on a commercial telling you that you're beautiful
 no matter what because those are not necessarily my views. 
All I'm saying is that life has made me realize that what everyone else thinks is irrelevant to me.
(Watercolor Preliminary)

 art has become a lifestyle to me.
 By that,
 I don't necessarily mean working with paint or ink or on any piece.
I mean that Art is in the soul.
 Not in the brain, 
or even in the heart. 
It's all in the soul and it will always reside in mine.
(Modifies Contour Stick and Ink assignment)

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