Friday, March 20, 2015


clay & glaze

These two beauties were left out of a post from earlier in the year.
They had to be re-fired in the glaze kiln.
Sometimes that happens when a glaze doesn't adhere properly to the clay's surface, 
or perhaps if the child has not applied a glaze correctly.
What we do is heat up the piece with a blow dryer (so that the glaze will stick to a glass surface)
then re-apply the glaze. 
Not an easy thing to do, 
and sometimes doesn't work.
but we always give it a try.

This top piece with the very elegant foot is the work of junior Christina Hur,
 and below I like the organic lip that senior Elijah Ramos has put around the top of his bowl.
Notice that both have great patterning going on their surfaces. 
These were stamped into the clay before they shaped their bowls with the Bisqued Stamps and Cylinders they made at the beginning of the school year.

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