Tuesday, March 17, 2015


I had several emails
 after featuring my 2nd Semester Art Wheel students 
and their Color Embossments,
 asking about how they printed their pieces.
So I came across these pix recently that might answer a few of the questions.
We use this Dick Blick printing press that I purchased about 25 years ago for the Art Dept. 
for about $500.  
It's a really great size, 
13 inches wide,
large enough to accommodate an 12" by 16"" plate.
The press came with the thick felt printing blankets.
I bought blotter papers and 100% cotton printmaking papers 
so that we get a very professional result 
(also from Dick Blick)

In the pix above assistant and alumni Josh Berger is watching over the students as they print 
to make sure they are following directions.
The students are initially intimidated by the press until after they give it a try.

After the print dries out (a couple minutes), 
the kids bring in whatever media they have learned to use during the 8 weeks of class.
Several of the students did mixed media this year which delighted me.

Above we see 7th grader Cameron Szendzial carefully watercoloring in his art piece.
Isn't he a cutie???

And I don't think I ever showed you the whole 2nd Quarter Art Wheel Group.
Here they are in all their glory  LOL
Having too much FUN!!!

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