Friday, March 6, 2015

Sharing Her Story

eco printed and dyed papers, stitch and embellishments

This is part two of senior Laarnie Barcelon's handmade journal.
We saw the making of the papers here
and this is the finished product.
Laarnie calls it The Chapters of My Life,
and takes us on a very personal journey throughout the book.

But first she has bound her book between these two huge papers,
map folding them into an elongated journal foundation.
The top one she has colored with watercolor washes.
The one below was her under paper, 
the paper she put under her as she pulled her eco-dyed papers out of dye baths to keep drips off the floor.
It's also the paper she worked over when she was loading flowers & leaves between pages to dye.
I think she may have even used a hammer to pound pigments from flowers onto this paper.
So she was able to achieve some very random  and interesting marks that represented her processes.

The book is exquisite,
each page a delight for the eyes with no attention to detail spared.
She puts so much effort into each and every page she made,
filling the journal with her personal stories;
her fears,
her pain,
her will to survive and love.
Laarnie is feeling very humbled and honored to have it displayed in the principals office.
She is not afraid to share her journey with us all.

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