Friday, March 27, 2015


It's only taken me 2 years to get this far,
(maybe because I have 50 other projects in the works at the same time)
but I'm ready to give a sneak peek at one of my favorite pieces 
that I'm currently working on up at the cabin.

The hand dyed rovings that I spun these yarns from were a gift from my dear friend Lori Lawson of Capistrano Fiber Arts
Every year she donates a few of her hand dyed rovings to my Beginning 3-D students for their Hand Spinning Unit.  
During the summer before school starts,
I spin up a small sample from each of the colorways so that the kids can see what choices they have.
As soon as the unit is over I begin a new fiber piece with these samples.
I usually make baby garments or pillow tops with the samples.
Well last school year I whipped up these granny squares and stitched them together.

Then over this last summer I spun up some of my hand dyed rovings to border the squares with.

And now with the leftover hand spuns,
 I'm building more squares in a slightly different pattern with a circular center.
I will sew these together for my next border.
I'm hoping that in a couple more years this might actually be a lap blanket/throw for over the couch.
What I'm secretly hoping for is that I will finish it in time for my son's wedding present.
Not that he's getting married anytime soon or has popped the question  LOL
But I know how long these things take me and I want to be prepared  :)
Did I mention that I adore his girlfriend Nicole??

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