Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Perfect Ending

cardboard, various textured yarns/rope, wire, seed & bugle beads, textured fabrics, embossing paper
w/ mixed media

What a way to go out. 
This was the perfect assignemtn to showcase all they had learned in their 8 weeks with me.

The kids learned to build a cardboard plate with various relief items,
then to put a piece of paper on top and send the whole thing thru our printing press.
After the print was dry they were able to choose from all the media they'd learned to work with
during our time together and bring that in on top of the embossed design.
The last part was to learn to sign their print and title it.
Several of the titles had me laughing out loud :)
The funniest was by Kenneth Lee called T Bone Steal on a Purple Plate in the Dark.
What a crack up!!!
Can you find it in the pix below? 

The entire class above

One of my favorites was done by Aditi Shah.
I was so impressed with her critical thinking by mixing her media.
She's used oil pastel, watercolor, india ink and a button.

Joshua Garcia has laid down a lovely wash of watercolor 
then surrounded his leaf with India ink in a zentangle design.

In Nature's Fury above, Nikolas Lam is doing a wonderful job as well,
 mixing his media with
watercolor, colored pencil and India ink.  
Are you wondering if they had to mix their media?
Nope, they only had to bring one in but I'm thrilled so many of them thought to use more.

Another favorite was The Cat at the Funeral by Jeffrey Hwang.
He's got the watercolor and India ink going on in a very pleasing way.

Charlotte Park, who has been featured multiple times on the blog,
gives us a very pretty piece with watercolor, colored pencil and India ink.

And Veronica Beak, 
also featured many times, 
is using watercolor, oil pastel, India ink and beads to compliment her embossed design.
You can also see her printing plate above with all the different items she has used to build it up with.

And my third favorite was this last one by Katelyn Chu.
Darling composition in which she has used watercolor, India ink, and beads to make it pop.

What a pleasure it was to teach this group of children.
And I look forward to many of them returning in the future for an art class with me.

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