Friday, February 28, 2014

November Bouquet - My Work

Because I have fresh flowers in out mountain cabin year-round, I've decided to use them to eco-dye with at the tail-end of their freshness. 
 I divided this bouquet into 2 equal parts and used it on 2 vintage pillowcases I'd rescued from a thrift store.  Both cases had wonderful crocheted edge treatments that would also absorb the dye.  
Above is how they looked after day one of being bundled tightly around a copper pipe.
Below is after being left out of doors in the weather for a 2 week period. 
You can see mold beginning to grow.

Here they are right after I opened them up...
and a close-up.

Now I knew that after I laundered them they would loose a lot of the richness because I'm dealing with cotton.  
Silk and wool would have maintained the look you saw when I opened them because they are protein fibers.
But I'm still very pleased with the more subtle outcome...
especially close-up.

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  1. Looking good Deb, dry and press and leave to sit around for a few days before wash - Hugs Nat