Saturday, March 1, 2014

Bianca Tolentino - Fiber Artist Extrodinaire

That's right, look at Bianca go.  
She is a junior in my Beginning 3-D art course and is spinning like an angel.  
I taught all the kids to spin yarn on a coat hanger hook, and Bianca loved it so much that she has borrowed one of my spinning wheels and taken it home to play on. 
 She is on the Internet supporting you other fiber artists by buying your hand dyed rovings, using my big drum carder here at school to make those fibers more her own, then spinning them up. 
 Here is some of her most recent work.
An Andean 2-ply above, with fibers she has carded.

A hand dyed roving that I gave her as a gift.
 She spun it up and taught herself to Navajo ply with it (above)

And lastly, some fibers she drum carded and divided into two groups. 
In the the top skein she taught herself to core spin around a thin linen thread I gave her to use to create more of an art yarn.
The bottom skein is a worsted thick and thin singles.

I can't tell you how excited I am
 to have passed on my love of handspuns yarns to this next generation. 

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  1. Good job teacher! Our job is to pass on our skills to the younger generations. Those yarns look delicious - Hugs Nat