Sunday, February 9, 2014

Drawings with Sharpened Sticks and Ink - Student Work

Intermediate 2-D Art

It is always a pleasure to show off these pieces.  The kids go into them very unsure and skeptical but come out so pleased with themselves and their work.  They draw their subject in Modified Contour with a sharpened dowel dipped in ink.  They do no pencils drawings first, just go for it with the stick and ink.  And surprise themselves in the process.  After the drawing is dry they come in with 3 values of ink wash, then watercolor and collage in whichever order they choose.
For senior Heather Warner, this was her best piece of the year so far.  To fill her composition and add balance she drew in her hand; great critical thinking!

This is the first time I make the kids cut their own matt to frame out their work.  I really like how senior Jasmine Zhao has double matted her lovely piece with the silver and black.

Senior Anne Allen has brought humor into her work which is always fun, but it's how she watercolored the sky with the sun's rays shining thru the clouds that has me taking a second and third look at her work.  
Brilliant piece Anne!

And seniors Alex Lee above and Justin Hwang below bring us so much beauty and sensitivity.

And finally senior Cathy Luo gives us an exquisite composition with her strong skills and color choices.  

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