Wednesday, February 5, 2014

First Time Glazers - Student Work


For the Beginners third assignment of the year I have them choose between building a pinch mug or bowl.  this year most of the kids chose mugs.  Let's take a look-see.

Senior Joycelyn Kim gave it her all in this "Pooh" mug, as well as applied her glaze perfectly.  Then hit it with a bit of cobalt carbonate for the facial features.

This project was the first time that the students learned to apply surface decorations onto their pots thru the score and slip technique.  Both juniors Diego Gonzalez and Ju Eun Lee came up with noteworthy designs.

On these next two mugs junior  Jonathon Xue and senior Anne Allen got a bit more adventurous with their glazing thru overlapping colors and brushing the glaze on the sweet little bumble bee. Brushing glaze on bisqueware is the most challenging of the 3 glazing techniques,;dipping, pouring and brushing, and the one I suggest using as a last resort.  So good for you Anne for giving it a try. 

Here we have a very complex design by senior Neha Jain who has applied both her glaze and oxide accents beautifully.  That's our Chili Glaze and our Rutile Oxide, a really nice combo.

And lastly we have this really sweet bowl by junior Mindy Kim, glazed first by using watercolor underglazes that are brushed onto flowers, face and leaves, and finally dipping the whole thing into transparent glaze.

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