Wednesday, February 19, 2014

It's All About Surface Design - Student Work


For my intermediate clay kids , I try to expand their surface design choices so that I bring in the more complex Mishima and Sgraffito techniques.  Already covered in Ceramics I were inlay, applied, pierced, carved, incised, and stamping.  All the techniques are done while the clay is either plastic or leatherhard.  Of course after bisque firing they can glaze and stain as well.  and after sawdust firing there is always the metallic rubbing choice.  So by now there is no excuse for a boring pot! 

What I really like that senior James Cho did with his plate was to trim the rim into an interesting geometric shape, then to mimic it with his sgraffito lines.

Senior Aditi Ramesh has a more organic edge with wonderful linear designs to delight our eyes.

Even though the bottom of senior Shamara Mustafa's bowl broke off (yes sometimes bad things happen with clay) she still has a marvelous night time cityscape inlayed into her clay.  And Aditi has given us a striking design thru contrast in her extra credit floral piece above. 

Senior Carol Oh has really knocked herself out with this amazing design above.  First of all a bowl within a bowl, very clever!  But for me it's all about her Mishima inlay that really pulls me in, and those ruffled edges.  
Love it!

But I've got to say that this little tiny bowl by senior Tahnee Thantrong has my heart.  So delicate and lovely with the scalloped edges and abstract human resting on the ledge, and then the beautiful finish of er choice of glaze.  

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