Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Which One Do I Choose George?

I adore the work of Muriel at Clothogancho, who paints with her naturally dyed yarns.  
Recently I have been in contact with her to purchase one of these amazing works of art.  

The colorways in both are so different yet so appealing, such a tough decision.  I've been debating for over 3 months now but I've finally made a decision.  Which piece would you have picked??
Let me know, then I'll tell you which one I bought.
Just wish I could afford both.


  1. They both are beautiful, but I'm partial to reds, blues and purples.

  2. I love them both. Did you get one? I wandered if I can afford one? Nat

  3. i have admired that first one for a very long time. i would pick the one in the first image. you will enjoy which ever one you picked...i'm sure of that.

  4. How much does she charge for those? I love the bottom one.
    e me at mavs@netnitco.net

  5. The bottom colors suit me more, but the first one looks like a Gustav Klimt painting. Both are wonderful. Thank you for showing them to us.