Saturday, February 15, 2014

"Light My Fire"


These clay candlesticks are a prelude to making a larger slab box which the kids are currently working on as I post this.  For the surface design these use their clay stamps and cylinder rolls they make earlier in the year on two sides.  Then on the other two they embed/emboss leaves, flowers, cardboard shapes, textural yarns, wire gird, doilies, etc.  The pieces are sawdust fired then a choice between rubbing metallic compounds or simply coating it with a glue water solution. 
 Two days before we leave for our holiday break, I buy them boxes full of beautifully pigmented beeswax and I show them how to make candles, my holiday gift to them.

This first one is junior Nicolas Tudor's candle atop my demo. candlestick that Nick finished off when we couldn't find his stick, and below we have works from juniors Erin Hsiao and Tiffany Chu.  
Really pretty ladies! 

One of my favorites was junior Yasmeen Pardo's.  She pushed metal staples into the side corners for a really cool look.

These next two beauties belong to junior Ju Eun Lee and senior Anne Allan.  The kids had the choice whether to make a cylinder or a taper candle.  They could also embellish them with beads and findings.

Here we have Nick's again in between seniors Jocelyn Kim's and Priya Shah.  Notice how differently they've all chosen to finish them off.

And lastly there is the lovely leaf stamped one next to the fun, scary skull piece by junior Stephanie Kim.  I'll get back to you on who created the leaf one.

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