Friday, May 3, 2013

More Coil Inlay Trivets - Student Work

For some reason these 4 pieces didn't get included in the Coil Inlay Trivet post from last week.  So let me show off a few more great pieces.

I'll start with senior Brendon Lim about who based his design on a Harry Potter book.  And below his we have the work of senior Mehar Maju.  Mehar asked if she could paint the bisqueware with acrylics instead of putting it thru the glazing process.  Sure, so that's why her piece is so much more vibrant and not as earthy as the others.  

Next we have senior Lilith Huang's lovely colbalt stained butterfly.  And I'm so sad to admit I can't remember who did the last piece.  My best guess would be senior Sandra Osuji.  I'll let you know for sure on Monday  :)  

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