Thursday, May 9, 2013

Last of the Work from My 3rd Quarter 7th Graders

Look at how hard they are working.  Even as young as 7th grade,  I teach my students to access right brain by being non-verbal so that they may create better designs, and have nicer craftsmanship.  However, it's not easy getting these young ones to not talk, they are so social in the 7th grade, and still so sweet :)

The project you see here are their Graphite Spheres.
The moons above where drawn by very gifted Tiffany Hu.  She came into my class with drawing skills and was able to improve her craftsmanship skills..

Below is clever Vaishalee Chaudhary who impressed me by adding a touch of colored pencil into her work.
And lastly we have sweet Jullian Morris who also came in with great design skills.   And even though she has moved on to a different wheel class she drops byy on a daily basis and shows me art art she continues to create.  I know she will be back for more art classes in her junior year.

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