Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Felted Balls - Student Work

These sweet hand felted, hand stitched and embellished balls were made by my Beginning 3-D kids in the early spring.  And every year they just keep getting better and better in terms of creativity.  All the students started off with white wool roving and used recycled bits of colored roving for interest.  Then they had to manipulate the felt while it was wet into any other form except a ball.  After it's dry they bring in their stitching and embellishments.  It's always so much fun to see what the kids come up with.

One of my favorites this year was the delicate one above done by senior Celine Phong.  What a beauty it is!
Next we have this super sweet heart below by senior Priyanka Shah.  Notice the twisted wire that she's brought into the work.

Love the colors above that senior Ruthwick Pathireddy has put together, and the one below by senior Leah Huang is adorable.

Another favorite is this bull by junior Beah Tolentino, and the lovely dice below is the clever work of sophomore Reis Misaka.

The adorable dog was done by senior Alison Lee.  Love, love, love how she wrapped wire around his sweet face to form the ears.  And 8th grader Lauren Kennedy came up with the colorful piece below.

Senior Fernando Jacinto created this clever house form, and the sweet little alien below was done by 8th grader Jacqueline Yu.

And last but never least is superstar sophomore Laarnie Barcelon.  She turned her felt ball into a mouse, and strung it with it's cheese.  Oh yeah!   Like i said, they just keep getting better!
So the fiber arts are alive and well here at Whitney High School!

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  1. Love these! I've only done it w/younger kids, it's great to see what the older ones can imagine.