Saturday, May 25, 2013


As I continue to tweak my blog and update the look of it, I'm going to be slowly adding some new features.  I want to start with a teaching tool for my students called 'Featured Artist of the Month'.  As a teacher I'm always on the lookout for new inspiration whether it be from workshops I take, artists I meet, blogs I find, and I really enjoy sharing these new finds with my art students.  So I've decided to put in this new page for all to enjoy.

Currently I'm enrolled in the most wonderful online stitching class with Jude Hill that includes talented fiber artists from around the globe.  Many of the artists in the class have blogs, so I've been doing a lot of exploring within their sites.  As a result, I've found many artist's works that I want to share with my 3-D art classes.

I've taught my 3-D kids to work in most all the fiber arts; stitching, felting, dyeing, spinning, weaving, and quilting, and to really appreciate the time involved in their creation.  We just recently finished units in quiltmaking, both liberated and folk art, so I thought the perfect artist to start with is Kristin Shields from Oregon.

So click above on 'Featured Artist of the Month' and enjoy.

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  1. Thank you for featuring me! I haven't been able to post about it in my blog yet, but am mentioning it on my Facebook page today. Look for Kristin Shields Folk Art if you want to check it out!