Wednesday, May 15, 2013

33rd Annual Open House Art Show 2013

Been so excited to share my art room with all of you.  We had close to a thousand pieces of student art up in the room.  And know that this is a juried show.  Only the best work was saved to put on display.  So it was quite an event!  Here is senior Eddie Ponce' from my Ceramics II class showing off his nude figure sculpture he made from clay coils.
For those of you who have never seen my room in it's entirety,  it's fairly large.  I'm pretty sure I have the largest classroom in the school.  :)
So I tried to take a couple of shots to show it all.

In the pix below I have a large refrigeration unit where we store all the clay as well as student clay projects.   
Putting up the walls is an assignment for my Intermediate and Advanced 2-D students.  I lottery off the walls and then lay out all the work I've saved for the show, and the kids pick pieces they think will work visually on their wall.  Junior Megan Yeu from the Intermediate class has painted her backdrop and now is in the process of hanging her wall.
As is junior Michaela Platt below.
Here are their finished walls.  Spectacular!!

Next we have senior Kevin Tang who has taken 5 different art classes with me since the 7th grade, and who is one of my all time favorite people, with a heart of gold.  He put up both corner walls as a favor to me since I didn't have enough students this year to get this accomplished.
The two walls below were hung by seniors Halah Elsahhar on the left and Belinda Wu on the right.  Everyone started off with a black wall and were free to paint a backdrop or not.  Belinda's really looked like wood grain.
Another senior, Laura Kadi, my only Advanced 2-D Art student this year, had the hardest corner to deal with because of the cabinet.  But she did an amazing job with it.
Then over the sinks, senior Julia Faith Chanco's very first machine stitched quilt was displayed for all to enjoy.  
What a wonderful Open House thanks to all my students whose beautiful pieces graced the walls and tabletops, but an even bigger thanks to my students who hung the walls and made the room flow together so well.  BRAVO!!
I also want to send a shout out with huge thanks to my art assistant, Alyssa Olea who comes to help out for several hours two days a week.  I could do none of this without her help.
Love you big time Alyssa!!

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