Thursday, May 23, 2013

It Grows!

In my post from May 4th I blogged about my birthday with my son Zach and showed you the little plot of land we worked.  What I didn't show you were the strange bulbs I planted for Zach that have now grown to at least 2 feet in height.  I think I planted 3 of them but this is the one that's come up.  So unusual, like nothing I've ever seen.  Can't wait to see it's flower.  
On 5/4, I also mentioned that Zach has a mini greenhouse where he grows orchids.  Well look at what just flowered the other day!  My son has a green thumb like his grandma.  :)
Who knew you'd grow up to be a plant scientist.  I'm so proud of you Zach. xoxoxox

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