Friday, June 8, 2012

Paper Mache' Collaged Boxes - Student Work

These little beauties were built from scratch by my Beginning 3-d students.  They started with recycled cardboard and masking tape to build their lidded box forms.  Then they learned the fine art of paper mache' and did 2 layers both inside and out.  The finishing touch was the paper collaging at the end.

This first one was made by senior Shivanti Kariyawasam.  I love her colorway and her recycled tin can roof .  It's an exceptional piece.  Shivanti was one of my top art designers this year at senior awards night.

The kids were required to bring in one special paper from home to incorporate into their paper collaging.

I really like this paper that junior Mark Ilog brought in for his pyramid here.  And then how he used 2 different colorways of it.  The ripped edges showing is also a very cool look.

For some students it was more about building a cool form then it was about the paper they used like the one above by senior Shane Suniga.

But many were into both like the sensitive one below by junior Stella Park.

Junior Lydia Ko came up with this extraordinary piano shaped lidded container with sheet music in her paper collage.  She shows off her great critical thinking skills with this double lid.

Junior Alice Zhang is another who gave us wonderful creativity with her adorable teapot.  I love how she literally thought outside the box to incorporate wire for her spout, handle and knob.  Very clever girl!

This next lovely box was made by senior Sunny Cheon.  She is using all my favorite things; flowers, handmade papers and text.

Junior Lily Lin loves to incorporate black lace in all her works.  She pulls it off well.
I saved my 2 favorites for last, this one by junior Niki Shah where she has built 3 into one, so cool... so pretty...

and this last one by junior Julia Faith Chanco.  What a gorgeous colorway she has chosen, and such beautiful papers she has found.  

Fabulous work all of you!


  1. What fun!! Your students must love your class, high school art was never like this when I attended!!

  2. I left a comment this morning but it never showed up. You may end up with 2 from me! I love these paper mache boxes, your students really did a great job. Your art classes look like tons of fun.

  3. what an enthusiastic supportive inspiring teacher you are! i'm finally catching up here in blogland & oh, my has a lot happened in your world! especially love the collaged boxes & clay family groupings.