Thursday, June 14, 2012

Glueline Portraits - Student Work

In 4th quarter Beginning 2-d Art, my students are introduced to a wide range of color media.  They learn to work with both water and oil based pastels.  In this Glueline assignment I partner them back up with their Before/After partners that they drew so realistically in 3rd quarter.  But this time I ask them to abstract each other thru exaggeration, distortion, simplification and thru color.  But at the same time I still have to be able to recognize the subject.  A very good challenge for them at this point of the year.  The results are often spectacular.
Above we have sophomore Megan Yeu drawing junior Corrine Marcus.

To begin work on these pieces I ask the kids to draw each other with a glueline from either an Elmer's Or Tacky glue bottle.  They make a preliminary piece first to decide which glue they like better.  They also practice starting and stopping their lines.  We let the glue set for 24 hours then the next day they use oil pastels to color the piece in with.  Another choice they have to make is whether they pastel over the glueline or do they stop when they reach the line.  Two very different looks.
Above we have Corrine doing Megan in this very expressive work.

I really like how senior Emily He off-centered her piece of junior Sabrina Velasco, and senior Joan Kim's interpretation of senior Dustin Lee is terrific.  

Senior Victoria Wang is showing sophomore Courtney Soung what she'd look like without hair, and senior and Valedictorian Michelle Chang is emphasiing senior Carolina Navor's beautiful eyelashes.

And our very talented senior William Luo is giving junior Halah Eslsahhar a striking, expressive mood in this last work.

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