Saturday, June 23, 2012

Music Interpretation - Student Work

Even though I'm about 5 months behind on posting my student's work, I just thought I'd skip around and show you some recent work that I really like.  This piece belongs to junior Cindy Kim and was her 4th quarter final.  She had to pick a piece of music to work to, and when I graded her the piece it had to flow with the music.  The bummer is I can't remember the piece of music she pieced, so Cindy e-mail me will ya??  I'm pretty sure it was a Bob Dylan song though.  Maybe I'll remember tomorrow.  That's pretty much how my memory works these days.  Anyways, she had to combine collage with monoprint and one other medium.  She chose acrylic paint.  What I think is brilliant is how she wired the piece to make it interactive.  I love it Cindy, way to push yourself!!

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