Wednesday, March 7, 2012

3/4 View Watercolor Portraits - Student Work

These amazing portraits were just recently completed by my 2nd year 2-D kids.  Their assignment was to draw each other in 3/4 view with graphite and then to watercolor the piece in.  
I'm in love with this top piece done by senior Crislyn Ogawa of junior Laura Kadi.  She has really captured Laura's essence and put her in an intriguing background in a limited color palette. Stark yet delicate.  
This next one by senior Jessica Liu is oh so scrumptious.  The colorway so yummy.  The pose so thoughtful and perfect of senior Michael Chen.  The talent in this group of kids is phenomenal.
Below we have sophomore Jarick Simbol who was painted by senior Janice Min.  As you can see the kids are allowed artistic license to abstract their subjects if they so choose.  Janice has a very sensitive way with the watercolor and I think this piece is playful yet lovely.

Above, senior Michelle Lee did senior Sarah Zhang's portrait.  This was Michelle's 2nd attempt at painting Sarah and unbelievably she finished it in only one day.  Michelle didn't care for her 1st attempt, so the day before the assignment was do, she decided to start over.  This is typical Michelle working mode which makes me CRAZY!
The piece below was created by senior Michael Chen, who did senior Jessica Liu's portrait.  Michael is a very talented young artist who was able to challenge the Beginning 2-D course and skip right into the Intermediate  level.  And this was his very first time with the watercolors.  Way to go Michael!!

And this is what the girl who drives me crazy looks like, senior Michelle Lee.  Her portrait was done by
 senior Sarah Zhang, and it's lovely Sarah.  It's so sensitive and really captures Michelle when she's in her right brain place.

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