Friday, March 30, 2012

Plaster Sculpture - Student Work

This is an Intermediate 3-d assignment that just keeps getting better every year.  You can click on Plaster Sculptures on the right side bar to see examples from the past couple of years.  These pieces above belong to the entire group, but I want you to see some close ups too.
This first one is the work of junior Kevin Tang.  I've been working with Kev since the 7th grade and he is highly creative in all his art works.  You can see he has worked to a theme of "Love, Hate and Broken Dreams".

This next one above was made by senior Pauline Yang.  I asked the kids to try to bring in some expressive quality into their work, and I feel that Pauline was very successful at this.  The kids were also supposed to mount their sculptures on a wooden base.  I really  like how besides the paint staining, Pauline also chose to do some wood burning as a decorative surface design.
Below Ingrid Huang has done a wonderful job as well with the assignment.  I really like the arm on the hip so that she has a pierced area.  This is very difficult to do in plaster without it breaking.

9th grader Karisma Dev has gone all out with her piece by drizzling paint over top the plaster, staining her wood in a very cool stripped pattern, and then stacking other pieces of wood so that they spiral around the figure.  Brilliant design and tremendous effort!!

Here is senior Andrea De Leon carving away her plaster.  I have the kids mix the wet plaster and pour the liquid into an empty milk carton container.  They are allowed to swirl acrylic paint into the liquid plaster to get a marbelized efffect before the plaster dryes, or they can do more then swirl it, they can completely mix it into the plaster so it becomes a solid color.  Most of the kids choose to swirl.
One of my favorites was done by senior Elsie Aguilar.  First off, I love her abstracted figure form with that tiny waist and the large hips, so Rubenesque.  And then the way she mounted it on a staircase, what great presentation with the added silk flowers and collaged text on the backside.  What a treat!
Senior Johanna Paz did the stunning sculpture above.  I really like how she off-centered it and also included a bit of wood burning in her mount.  Of course the glass shards add to the drama and interest.
This next one above was created by junior Nida Fatima.  What a gentle, loving piece Nida, just like you.  I really like that lovely shade of turquoise you chose for your wood block, and then bringing in the glass shards in the same tones.  Well done.
Below we have senior Borah Lim's very expressive work.  Love the unusal angle she mounted it at, and also the color of her wood mount.  Wonderful work kiddo.
This last piece was done by junior Rita Labib.  We've seen so many of her works this year.  This piece is another great example of the creativity this young woman brings to me on a daily basis.  One day Rita asked me if she could try laying down a large pool of elmer's glue on a piece of parchmant paper to see how it would dry.  Then she thought,, what would happen if she swirled acrylic paint in it before it dried.  Well, she ended up with this slightly thick plastic piece of coolness.  I asked her what she was going to do with it, and she said she wasn't sure yet.  During the mounting of her plaster figure, she figured it out.  She cut it up and used it for the tail fin on her sculpture.  Who knew??

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  1. these are so expressive & such a variety in how they approached they carried out the assignment. thanks for sharing.