Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Liberated Quiltmaking - My Finished Pieces

When I went looking thru my archives for finished liberated pieces,  I realized that I had given many away as gifts without photographing them...stupid!  So anyways, these are the two I was able to find.  I've been teaching the Liberated Method since I took the class with Gwen Marston in 1987ish.  So there should be one from every year till the present.  Oh well.

The piece above was my first liberated piece started in Gwen's workshop.  It was there that I was introduced to my very 1st Singer Featherweight.  I now own 4 and let my students use them when I don't have enough crummy machines to go around.  Anyways, I still love the piece above, I have such joyful memories of Gwen , her fun teaching style, and the incredible pieces she got from the workshop participants during the making of this work.  If you look close there is a whimsical little outhouse in the upper right corner, another house in the middle with a dutch door with a fussy cut girl looking out, and I also really like how the black and white checker fabric makes the whole piece pop as well as unifying it. 
The piece above I named Hula Hut and I believe I made it in the summer of 1988 after returning from a trip to Hawaii with my kids and the ex.  This piece is completely hand quilted with lots of colorful buttons tied throughout.  I'm pretty sure it's the only liberated piece I've made that wasn't in the primary color family.  Boy, when I step out of that colorway, I really step BIG!  LOL  (See post below)

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  1. Ms. Agrums! I keep forgetting to tell you that there's an amazing quilt display at the Cerritos Library right now, and I think that it would interest you quite a bit. =)
    (these are some of the quilts on display)