Friday, March 2, 2012

Samantha Arias and her Prismacolor Metamorphasis

Junior Samantha Arias, who left us a couple of weeks ago to go to Gahr High School, and who I have been teaching art to since she was in the 7th grade, did me a favor and left her nicest art pieces for me to put out at our Open House coming up in April.  This piece below was probably one of my favorites she created this year.  
The assignment was to morph two unlike objects together and then put it into a setting that made sense, kind of a surrealistic type composition.  The medium is Prismacolor, a waxy colored pencil.  Sam's grandmother had just passed away right before we started the assignment, so she was inspired to morph a skeleton with a butterfly.  As part of her final she was to take the piece and make an interesting frame to compliment the work.  Sam had saved and pressed several flowers from her grandmother's funeral and she incorporated them into her frame for a very special tribute to her Nana.
One of her best friends, junor Marison Arcille sent me this photo that she had taken of Sam and I .  Thank you Marison.  
Go to school Sam!!  Behave yourself....

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