Thursday, March 22, 2012

Coil Inlay Trivets - Student Work

Before I have my Ceramics I students make a large Coil Pot I have them ease into it slowly with a Coil Inlay Trivet first to get the hang of rolling out those pesky coils.  They also get their first real lesson in carving in this piece so they will be able to inlay glass shards to melt during the glaze firing.  This assignment is really fun and you usually end up with some very nice work.

Senior Priya Shah's sun motif is a great example of what you can achieve with this technique.  And senior Opal Patel is right there with her in the fish below. 

This year I required them to bring in some textural elements around the format edging.  That element really makes the piece pop above, done by senior Lorena Morales.
Below is senior Kelsey Chang's extra credit piece that she made after she was done with this assignment.  She thought to bring in piercing with the coil inlay.  Oh, oh, oh, what a great idea for next year Kelsey, thanks!


  1. It's Kelsey Chang's piece.

  2. these are just great! plan to share this idea w/our art teacher.