Friday, March 12, 2010

Twelve by Twelve: A Collaberative Art Quilt Project

I was blogging around the other day and checking out what was new on Kristin LaFlamme's site (see sidebar) and saw that she and her fiber friends had just completed a challenge they set up for themselves. On a 12" by 12" format, using only blue, black and white create an art quilt. These 3 were my favorites. The top one belongs to Kristin, check out all her embellishments! She calls it Broken Dishes.

Love the teacup arrangement as well as her patchwork technique. Artist Teri Stegmiller calls it Stacked Blueware and used misty fuse to hold down her patches.

And Helen Conway calls her piece Stolen. She has done some serious stitch embellishment. Love it! I want to thank all the ladies from the challenge for sending me feedback and comments and allowing me to post their quilts after the fact, I'm sorry, I should have asked permission first, my bad. I also was negligent in the posting of links to their site so you can see all their fabulous work. So here they are: , , , and Enjoy!!!


  1. these are just beautiful pieces...I like the first one best...all the beautiful embellishments!

  2. Thank you! I am glad all the work was worth it.

  3. It would be nice if you had a link to our site, after publishing photos of some of the work here on your blog.