Friday, March 19, 2010

Interactive Clay Sculptures - Student Art

My Beginning Ceramics students just finished up this complex clay piece that had to be both interactive (movable parts) as well as embellished with mixed media in the finishing stage after coming out of the glaze firing. There were so many outstanding pieces to choose from to post. So I hope you enjoy what I picked out. One of my personal favorites belongs to senior Justin Currlin (above). I think it's brilliant how he incorporated the curved wire between the legs of his octopus. And then for extra points he built a stand to place his piece on. And look at the embellishment on that! I'm hoping that Justin goes on to take more art classes in college.

Next we have senior Heidi Aguilar who went all out on her piece too. Look at the paper collage she has glued on top of the glaze, and the fabulous base she built for her piece to stand on.

In the photo above senior Eugene Kim has done a sensitive and beautiful job embellishing his dragonfly that rests on the tree stump. Both the tree and wings have numerous seed beads glued onto them.

And senior Julie Jung has made a lovely flower chime. My favorite part of her piece is the inside of the flower. She has filled it with lots of nail heads (see photo below).

And senior Janet Hurtado has done this adorable frog whose arms move up and down. And again, look at the great base it's resting on. Soooooooooooooo cute Janet!

Senior Jennifer Su has gone all out on her embellishments so I've provided you with several close-ups so you can appreciate all the time and effort she put into her piece. The little clay heart is really a lid that pops off.
The kids were also to have made clay beads and charms to incorporate with their other added embellishments, so look closely and you will see how Jennifer strung hers in.

These next two belong to seniors Erin Unson and Chris Shishido. Erin put a lot of thought into how hers was going to come together in the finished work and made multiple pieces (above) and Chris pretty much did the same with his piece. Chris' chime reminds me of an island woman. Love the contrast between your glaze and beads Chris.

And lastly, another personal favorite of mine was done by senior Tryphena Liu. Love all the clay as well as bead and wire embellishments that she incorporated. What a fun piece! Great job everyone. You really outdid yourselves with this assignment.

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