Wednesday, March 17, 2010

1st Quarter Final - Student Art

I'm really tardy on posting this piece by senior Anne Guu from my Intermediate 2-d art class. She turned it in for her 1st quarter final grade, and it was such a great example of what I was pushing the kids to do that I felt it was important to show it off. After taking the kids thru units on 1 and 2 point perspective, I turned them loose to explore the school (both inside and out), and find an interesting spot to draw from. Anne chose the area by the food hutch and sat there for a couple weeks composing this piece. They had to draw from either a 1 or 2 viewpoint and show me the foundation structure of the building. But after that they could use artist licence and put in whatever they wanted as long as it made sense. So Anne, being the clever artist that she is, brought in a bit of whimsy along with some color, and totally pulled off what I was after. I call it an added twist and usually give kids extra credit when they go above and beyond the assignment requirements. As always Anne, great job!!! See Perspective Finals on right sidebar to see what alumni Mindy Cho and Amanda Garcia drew last school year.

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